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Freedom Stretch

Welcome to Freedom Stretch Exercises, a revolutionary and unique method of stretching designed to bring you an optimum workout at home!

Freedom Stretch exercises allow us a fresh start, a “redo” if you will, in the game of proper posture and body mechanics. You can regain all or at least much of your lost potential by doing these simple exercises.

Only 10 minutes a day to better health!

Freedom Stretch can benefit almost everyone. Isn’t it time you you begin regaining your freedom?

Posture is important.

Poor posture has become almost an epidemic in our modern society. Poor posture can affect our vitality, cause neck, shoulder and headache pain and lead to chronic, abnormal restructuring of our spine causing such things as the formation of the dreaded “hump” in the upper back.

Enhance Strength and Stamina

Freedom Stretch Exercises activate all sets of muscles and tendons in the targeted areas. You are shown how to move them sequentially: vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This activation of muscles and tendons (many of which have been habitually neglected) greatly enhances their strength and stamina. In most cases you will experience a significant improvement.

Preventing Injury

Instead of training, or should I say, over training certain muscles to be dominant, the body is designed to have muscles sequence with one another. This prevents injury to muscles and joints as the work load is distributed from one set of muscles to another.

When these muscles are all used and toned, our posture naturally starts to return to its appropriate positioning. The more we move with good posture, the more evenly toned our muscles become and all of our daily, mundane activities become training opportunities for our body to regain tone and relearn muscle sequencing.


Get your Freedom Stretch Video!

Convenient and Affordable

With our Freedom Stretch Exercise Video exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home, without attending the gym and without buying expensive equipment. And did I mention that Freedom Stretch can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day?

No Fancy Gimmicks!

The Freedom Stretch Video Program is a no gimmicks exercise program that will deliver just what we say it will. In our program video you are shown exactly what good posture looks like and how you can transition yourself to have it. Next we take you through each exercise step by step. We show you how to do each exercise correctly. We give you frequent reminders about checking your posture also.

Freedom Stretch will deliver and start you on the road to better, safer movement and improved posture.

What do you have to lose?

Chronic Pain

Improper posture and improper muscle development can be the cause of various chronic pains from headache to backache and shoulder pain.

When our muscles are not evenly developed, one side of the body cannot respond equally to the movement of the other side. And as we said before we can’t sequence muscles smoothly. Certain muscles dominate while other remain inactive and atrophy. Our movements become uneven. This affects our ability to play sports and do activities such as dance and other things well.


You have the Talent and Ability!

Isn’t it ironic that we may have been told that we weren’t talented enough or didn’t have enough ability to do various activities when all along the cause may have been that our muscles weren’t toned enough and trained to sequence well.

I believe that Freedom Stretch can change that and help bring out the real you. It is not uncommon for those doing Freedom Stretch Exercises daily to have more strength, flexibility as well as better posture.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your new freedom with Freedom Stretch and order your Freedom Stretch Video Today!