Why is good posture important and what does Freedom Stretch do for it?

The idea of gaining good posture is at the center of Freedom Stretch. It was developed around the idea that our spine is our core and that all movement is done best with good posture. Our body was designed to have good posture and so a balanced, harmonious development of muscles around the spine (as well as the rest of the body) keeps us moving and working optimally.

Freedom Stretch will activate all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the spine bringing about balance in the spinal alignment. If there is weakness or tension in some of these, there is a pulling effect exerted on the vertebrae. This can cause damage and inflammation to the discs between the vertebrae leading to pain, limited range of motion, and eventually serious injury.

Freedom Stretch will activate all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments bringing about greater
balance in the spinal alignment. This gives you more freedom of movement and good posture. You look and feel better with good posture. Your muscles will be better toned and have more endurance. You will also do better in sports or any other activity you like because learning to sequence muscles gives you better coordination because all muscles are working together.

Who can benefit from Freedom Stretch?

Just about everyone, young or older, can benefit from Freedom Stretch because the exercises can be done as suits you best. Those with a limited range of motion can modify their movements as they gradually begin expanding their limits in a safe and enjoyable manner.

They can be done in a relaxing way or with more intensity for those more fit and want a deeper, stronger workout. You can make the workout as you desire. Once you learn the exercises (they are rather easy to remember) you can increase the number of reps done. On the video, ten reps are done but you can do twenty reps to make it more of an intense workout.

In the Freedom Stretch exercise classes I have taught, nearly all the students were impressed with how much of a workout it was.

They are great for office workers who are often more sedentary than they would like. It will release tension in the neck and shoulders and along the spine and low back.

Those who do a lot of physical labor can strengthen and tone their muscles which lessens the risk of injury. Also learning to do work with a good posture is invaluable in preventing injury. The exercises can be used as a great warmup prior to sports, yoga, pilates, or any other activities you enjoy. You will have less muscle and joint soreness and injury. Also, you will see that you perform better using your improved posture and muscle tone.

What other benefits will I notice?

Since Freedom Stretch is a moderate aerobic exercise program, it will benefit the heart and lungs. It stimulates the blood vessels making them more elastic as well as the endothelium lining the blood vessels.

It activates the lymph system helping the body get rid of toxins. It will help break down and eliminate lactic acid from the body.

It will help pump more spinal fluid to the brain making you more alert and clear thinking.

How will you feel? After doing Freedom Stretch, you will feel much more relaxed and toned as
you improve blood flow and activate deep muscles that have been dormant for a long time.
Many people say they feel amazing after the exercises. It will feel like you just had a great massage but you did it yourself by learning to activate your muscles on s deep level.

When is the best time to do Freedom Stretch?

Really anytime is great for the exercises. It’s really pleasant to do them first thing in the morning to get yourself going and be prepared for the day. They are also wonderful after a day’s work to relieve sore and stiff muscles and just to release stress and tension from your neck and shoulders. You can do them on your lunch break as well (bring a length of rope instead of a stick).