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Richard Baume lived and studied in Japan for 7 years. He does a unique style of acupuncture that works on the inner core of the body to bring a resonant healing within. It involves a gentle and virtually imperceptible use of the needle to bring a greater healing resonance to the whole system and consequently deep changes within. The body was designed to work from a state of resonance and deep healing is only possible once this resonance has been re-established.

This treatment can also be done for the purpose of healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Richard has been practicing in Chico, California since 1981. He is licensed in both Japan and California.

From my years of experience in acupuncture healing, I have developed an original theory on which I base my practice.

The body-mind complex has its own healing wisdom. Recorded in it is a memory of what a healthful energy pattern is. This memory is always available, but cannot always be used. Deep healing is about helping the body regain access and use of its innate healing wisdom.

eagleThe mind is like a computer in some ways and we can imagine that it has various programs or procedures it can follow in relation to treating illness, injury or disease. If the body is running on a lower level of energy, it will approach the problem in such a way as to limit it and prevent it from worsening, in a sense maintaining the status quo. There are various other responses possible on this scale: including the highest response of correcting the causes and bringing about a deep, complete healing.

This type of acupuncture emphasizes treating and balancing the energy of the body.

This highest response can only be implemented if the energy balance is brought to its highest possible level. If this is done there are very few limitations as to what types of conditions can be improved or healed. This type of acupuncture emphasizes treating and balancing the energy of the body in a complete and wholistic manner. All symptoms are considered secondary to the main condition which is the body’s energy imbalance.