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Richard Baume

Living in Japan for 7 years and practicing acupuncture for over 35 years in California, Richard Baume has successfully treated many cases of muscle and joint pain.  His main investigation through all these years is why pain and inflammation sometimes reoccurs, even after symptoms disappeared with treatment. His answers came with his own pain. After a frozen shoulder, Richard realized muscle atrophy and bad posture are the main causes of these problems, and there the need for a solution to reverse this process was born. After 5 years developing exercises and trying them with different people, Freedom Stretch was created.

Freedom Stretch has helped 100’s of people with better posture

The method is based upon the dynamics of muscles: each and every one of them is meant to support and assist the others, creating an interconnected system that must be used as a whole for optimal health.

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At Freedom Stretch, our goal is to change people’s mindset on good posture and exercising to promote a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from our programs, from the young adults who want to guarantee good health for their future, to those with injuries or just general tightness and stiffness who want to regain their freedom of movement.

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