Who can benefit from Freedom Stretch?

Just about everyone, young or older, can benefit from Freedom Stretch because the exercises can be done as suits you best. Those with a limited range of motion can modify their movements as they gradually begin expanding their limits in a safe and enjoyable manner.

They can be done in a relaxing way or with more intensity for those more fit and want a deeper, stronger workout. You can make the workout as you desire. Once you learn the exercises (they are rather easy to remember) you can increase the number of reps done. On the video, ten reps are done but you can do twenty reps to make it more of an intense workout.

In the Freedom Stretch exercise classes I have taught, nearly all the students were impressed with how much of a workout it was.

They are great for office workers who are often more sedentary than they would like. It will release tension in the neck and shoulders and along the spine and low back.

Those who do a lot of physical labor can strengthen and tone their muscles which lessens the risk of injury. Also learning to do work with a good posture is invaluable in preventing injury. The exercises can be used as a great warmup prior to sports, yoga, pilates, or any other activities you enjoy. You will have less muscle and joint soreness and injury. Also, you will see that you perform better using your improved posture and muscle tone.