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How It Started

class2Hi my name is Richard Baume. As an acupuncturist, I have successfully treated many cases of muscle and joint pain. But I have wondered in some cases of severe, chronic pain why pain and inflamation can keep reoccuring even after symptoms disappeared with treatment. I thought there must be some underlying cause which wasn’t addressed.

When I experienced my own pain, the answer came.

The answer came to me when I developed a semi frozen shoulder. As I had no recent injuries, I traced the problem to an old injury which caused severe tendonitis in my right wrist. I came to the conclusion that since the time of the injury, to avoid pain, I had stopped using my wrist in certain ways and had also stopped using various related muscles and tendons all the way to my right shoulder. This caused muscles in the right shoulder to atrophy leading to a semi frozen shoulder.

This led me to develop movements and exercises that would reverse the process of atrophy.

I found that I couldn’t go directly to the core area of the pain and stiffness because the pain was too great and the stiffness allowed me very little movement. I discovered that I needed to work muscles and tendons around the perimeter of the injury site. I had to gain usage of these little used muscles and learn to sequence them so that I could start to regain mobility. I was gradually able to identify and use these “secondary” muscles so that one set of muscles would support and assist the others. I developed a way to sequence these relatively unused muscles in a smooth flow in which many sets of muscles would be used for a very short time.

One set of muscles is meant to support and assist the others.

FSVideoI corrected my condition and realized that there are certain basic concepts involved in proper movement and in proper posture. For example, proper movement can’t be done without proper posture and there is no proper posture without learning to use and sequence muscles correctly.

Over a period of four years of practice and development of the Freedom Stretch exercises, I developed and refined these concepts into my exercise program which I call Freedom Stretch Exercises. I have put together 25 exercises which you can do in about 10 minutes each morning using the booklet or after you have familiarized yourself with the exercises. You will start your day off feeling that you are becoming straighter and stronger as if you just had a great massage. And the best part of it is that you did it yourself while you were developing muscles and regaining muscle memory of lost, unused muscles. These exercises will also teach you how to sequence muscles vertically, horizontally and diagonally so that you can use them properly in your daily life.