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Freedom Stretch Exercise DVD

This DVD takes you through 25 exercises that will strengthen atrophied muscles in 5 targeted regions. This is a complete system that greatly increases strength, flexibility and will help you regain good posture. There is ample explanation of the concepts behind these exercises as well as full demonstration of each exercise. (Exercise stick not included.)

Price: $19.95

Freedom Stretch Booklet

This is a 5" by 7" spiral bound booklet printed on thick, long lasting stock. There are three professional quality, color pictures of each exercise along with a brief description to guide you through the exercises. The booklet will expedite your practice reducing the time of doing all 25 exercises with 10 reps to about 10 minutes.

This is not a replacement for the DVD by any means. The DVD gives you extensive instruction in how to do the exercises correctly plus continual reminders for being in good posture. This is extremely important because unless you do the exercises correctly and with basic good posture, you will not gain full benefit.

Price: $9.95

Freedom Stretch DVD and Booklet

Special price! Buy both the DVD and Booklet together and save $4.00 off your purchase price.

Price: $25.90