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The Freedom Stretch Method

Freedom Stretch helps build up the inner muscle strength to balance the outer muscles.

class1Freedom Stretch helps build up the “inner muscle strength” which is different from a lot of workouts which emphasize increasing size and strength of the outer muscles. That creates a building without adequate foundation. The outer muscles don’t have the support of a developed network of inner muscles and are forced to do the majority of their work by themselves. Developing the inner muscles allows for the sequencing of the inner and outer muscles so that no isolated set or sets of muscles have to do the work themselves. The muscle movement and sequencing becomes seamless so that the likelihood of injury is greatly reduced and we can draw on the strength of the inner muscles as well.

Things for students to know:

  • The basic concept of doing Freedom Stretch is that the better our posture is the more effectively we can activate forgotten neglected muscles.
  • The more we activate neglected muscles the better our posture can become.
  • When posture improves our daily activities become opportunities to further train and condition our muscles. So our “workout” can continue throughout the day while we are doing simple, basic daily activities.

Using 360 degrees of muscles prevents injury and gives us more fluidity of movement.


  • Always focus on maintaining good posture while doing the exercises. This is best done when doing exercises in front of a full length mirror.
  • While doing the exercises continue to search for muscles that you can activate in the 5 regions mentioned in the video.
  • You will find new muscles that you haven’t used in a long time and gradually bring them into use as you progress in your exercise training and in your daily life.

Which muscles are used:

smilinggirlMost of the exercises use muscles from several of the five regions shown in the video. Some exercises allow the usage of muscles from all five regions. At first you may not be able to identify and activate muscles completely from these regions but as you continue to exercise you will make progress so that you can feel those muscles being used.

Each time you do the exercises you have the opportunity to “explore” using new muscles from among the five regions. You will gradually feel these muscles being used and whole areas opening up to you that were dormant before. This is your chance to be creative and participate in the activation of the neglected muscles of your body. You will literally feel the changes as you continue to do the exercises daily.

Ideally we want to use 360 degrees of muscles, activating muscles all around joints and sequencing muscles throughout the regions of our body. This helps strengthen muscles, prevent injury and give us more fluidity of movement.


Nowhere in the modern world has posture deteriorated as much as in the US. Europe is also deteriorating and modern Asia will follow.

The culprit is largely our modern lifestyle which transports us without our effort, which has us sitting in front of computers for eight or more hours a day. Smart phone use has us hunched over to read and press the keys. We don’t walk nearly as much as our predecessors did and when we do, we walk with poor posture. When we work out, we use weights and equipment that just reinforces the incorrect posture and muscle usage.

Freedom Stretch was developed to provide a quick and easy method to reverse this process. In Freedom Stretch you will learn what proper posture is and how to gradually regain your lost posture. Along the way you will be shown how to activate muscles that will assist proper posture and help you maintain it.